Why are more women including whole body vibration machines in their workout routine?

Why are more women including whole body vibration machines in their workout routine?

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So in today’s article we’ll reveal the most common reasons women choose vibration platforms for home workouts.

1. Whole body vibration exercises are time-saving and fun

You may be surprised but this is one of the words we hear most often from our customers: time-saving. Time-efficient. Vibration exercises take less time than conventional workouts, and for busy women who have to wake up early, make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, then get ready for work after grabbing a snack and taking a shower, it’s pretty challenging to find time for a 30-minute workout.



Fortunately, vibration workouts can be split into shorter training session, of just 10-15 minutes each. So if you can make 10 minutes in the morning, you have enough time for a workout for the lower body for example, and then when you come back from work, you can do another 10 minutes of vibration exercises for your core and upper body muscles.



So this is the first reason women choose whole body vibration training: it allows them to fit in at least one training session per day, no matter how busy their schedule is. Plus, these workouts are fun. Unlike conventional strength training and cardio exercises that can become boring after a while, whole body vibration are more entertaining because you can easily switch from training to massage to lymphatic drainage exercises and then back to muscle strengthening movements.



Moreover, you can easily target different muscle groups and body areas in the same workout, without requiring additional tools. By keeping the workouts varied you prevent boredom and make sure your body continues to burn calories at a fast peace. If your body gets used to the workout and it no longer finds it that challenging, it will put in less effort therefore you’ll burn less energy.



For this reason it’s recommended to adjust the intensity, frequency or duration of your workouts and to find new movements to include whenever you feel that you’re no longer making progress, or you’re no longer building muscles or losing weight as efficiently as you were at the beginning.



2. Vibration machine exercises help in reducing body weight and improving skin appearance


At first sight, vibration machine exercises may seem nothing but a form of massage that shakes your body a little and massages your muscles, to give you the impression that you’re actually doing some exercises. But in reality this form of training can be extremely intense: just increase the frequency to 12-15 Hz and you’ll start feeling your muscles working and burning in just a few seconds.



That’s because vibration waves cause your muscles to contract faster, they activate the reflexes and cause rhythmic movements during which your body has to provide the muscle tissue with energy. To produce energy your organism burns calories so vibration training supports weight loss through these mechanisms.



It was found that this form of exercise is especially effective against visceral fat and fat around the waist and on the abdomen, so if those are problem areas for you, it’s definitely worth giving WBV a try.



Then, women who practice vibration machine exercises regularly say they chose this form of training because it makes their skin look beautiful and helps in reducing cellulite. Vibrating platform exercises increase circulation of blood and lymph, which means all your tissues, including skin, are better nourished and receive more oxygen. This contributes to a healthier-looking skin, while the removal of excess water from the body, which is the consequence of the improved lymphatic circulation, helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite.



3. Exercising on a vibration machine improves mood and energy


The third reason women choose whole body vibration platforms as their main form of strength workout is the feeling of happiness and the improved mood they have after a workout. Unlike other forms of exercise that take a lot of time and energy to complete, vibration training is enjoyable and is less demanding, so even if you work really hard during the exercise session, you won’t feel as exhausted as after a weight lifting session.



This is great because you can continue with your daily activities feeling energized and in great mood. Moreover, because it increases circulation and helps your body use its energy reservoirs (or fat deposits) more efficiently, whole body vibration helps in regulating hunger pangs as well. After a short WBV session you won’t feel that hungry, so you’ll be able to manage your cravings and hunger more efficiently.



If your goal is to lose some pounds and maintain a slim body, these effects are desirable. One mention here though: if your blood sugar levels tend to drop during a regular workout, we recommend to have a snack before exercising on a WBV machine, but it’s not a good idea to have a huge meal.




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